Switches (gasp)

So with BrewsterBots out of the way and no fatalities that I could see, I wanted to get a feel for which way the future is heading with regards to switches.

As BBB is effectively my home team I was wondering allowing switches is up for discussion for their events.

Just trying to read the room as it is a route I would like to see UK combat go down.

I think we’re open to it, we appreciate Tom doing the guinea pig event and Dave up for giving it a go from the marshal perspective.

Think we’ll get our first event out the way with our new arena later this month to see how it is marshalling wise with load in/outs etc before we explore it as an option.

We’d want the standardised hex key size / switch models like Tom has done, clearly marked power directions labelled on the bot and @Gareth says “as long as its accepted that if it’s on fire, I’m gonna let it burn in the box before I muck about with a switch” (fair) :stuck_out_tongue: