Team CSB's Clear Out

Hi, there friends. I have a few bits and bobs lying around that I think would be better off going to new homes.

I will ask for £2 for postage along with the asking prices. Simply DM me on Facebook (Team Coolspeedbot or my personal account) what you would like.

All SOLD: 5x BBB Brushless Drive ESCs (used) £6 each. These ESCs have been used in Data Breach, from full combat use to basic testing, all 5 are in full working order with the labels a little burnt from soldering motor wires on and off. 4 come with an XT30 connector while one had it removed for use on another project.

3x BBB Brushless Drive ESCs late 2022/ early 2023 version (Tested) £5 each. These brushless ESCs use older programming with a shorter PWM range than the newer ESCs above. All three have been tested but not used beyond that. All 3 come with XT30 connectors. If you were wondering, only one of the ESCs arrived with the BBB label.

4x BBB 22mm Brushless conversions. £12 each. My conversions of the BBB 22mm brushed motor gearboxes mated with 2300kv brushless motors. These motors were used in Data Breach so have seen arena use. These conversions will need some battle hardening (A 3mm long spacer between the pinion gear and the front of the motor to prevent the motor cans from shifting.) I would highly recommend using them in an indirect drive setup with an additional reduction stage as these motors are very fast. Wires were shortened for wiring directly to the BBB ESCs.

SOLD: 1x Fingertech Brushless Mega Spark 1500kv 24mm Gearmotor (unused) £30 Bought this intending to use it in a weapon setup for Data Breach but have since abandoned the idea. This hasn’t been used and still has the bullet connectors attached.

SOLD: A pair of Fingertech twist hubs, 4mm version (unused) £10. Bought these as spares for CSB: Echo but ended up not being used comes with grub screws and original packaging.

SOLD: A pair of Fingertech Twist Hubs, 4mm version with 2.25in/ 57.15mm foam wheels (used) £6. Used in CSB: Echo in 2022. No damage. No latex was used on wheels.

2x 1806 1400kv brushless motors (unused) £12 each. Bought these intending to use them in my brushless conversions however these motors are designed differently from the ones on the BBB site. Comes with accessories. One has been opened to examine. Would likely suit a low-speed antweight spinner.

SOLD: 3x pairs of BaneBots 4mm single wheel hubs (modified to use M4 grub screws.) £4 each. Used in CSB: Echo in 2020/21. No C clips sadly.

SOLD: 5x BaneBots 2-3/8in wheels in 40A orange (mix of 3 used but cleaned and 2 unused) £5 for all 5. The used wheels were used in CSB: Echo in 2020/21, with minimal fight usage 3-5 fights total.

SOLD: Pair of BBB 22mm brushed motors, version 1s with BBB motor mounts, version 1s (used) £8 for the pair. Used in CSB: Echo in a few fights comes with XT30 connectors. These motors are slightly slower and heavier than the new/ current versions.

Pair of BotBitz 10A Brushed ESCs (used) £10 for the pair. Used in CSB: Echo in 2022. One ESC has their positive servo wire disconnected as both have BECs. Both have XT30 connectors on the motor and power ends.

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I can’t seem to be able to DM here, but I’d be very interested in the Banebots wheels and hubs please :slight_smile:

Oh whoops, thought there was a DM system on this forum. Send me a message over on Twitter or Facebook so we can send payment details and stuff.

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dmed you on discord bout it :smile:

There should be a DM system, I turned it on… will check the settings

EDIT: should work now, let me know if you have any issues.

I still have some items on sale. I can’t edit the original post so here’s what remains with reduced prices cause this stuff must go.

I am still asking for £2 for postage.

SOLD: The old firmware BBB brushless ESCs are £5 for all 3.

My 4 Brushless conversions I’m open to offers.

These 2 motors I’m happy to let these both go for £10.

These 2 Botbitz ESCs are now available for £5

And a new item a 60mm diameter 250mm long HDPE rod. Open to offers.