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Hi folks!

Just a place holder thread for now. I have numerous albums on Imgur that I like to update, so I’ll probably pop some links to those here for future reference.

I spend way too much time behind a computer in my day to day life, so I tend to design and build everything with my own 10 digits. I think of an idea, sketch something and then head into my workshop to fashion it out of plastic and titanium. It’s analog, it’s old-fashioned, it’s horribly inefficient and time-consuming… but it’s the way I’ve always built, and also the way I feel comfortable with. I can turn off my brain, and let my hands do the talking.

The bots? Hopefully will hold up okay in the ring, and preferably easy on the eye too. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Head For The Exit

[Build Album for Mk2]

4-bar saw in the style of my all-time fav Dead Metal. Started on a whim, coming out of Bugglebots Season 2 eager to build something completely different from a cluster. Now, four years later, it’s basically become the bastion of my mad-scientist self to cram as much saw-power into a beetle as I can… which has yielded lots of teething problems a long the way. Killing BECs, blowing fuses and constantly fighting for weight - HFTE is the bot I love to hate (I made that rhyme didn’t I?).

I’m planning to a new iteration over the summer of 2023, redoing the chassis for weight efficiency so I can up the power to 4S. Sparks, whooo!

This Is Not A Drill

[Build Album for Mk4]

Front-hinge lifter. Had four iterations, being the brightly colored tank of a robot that started it all back in 2016. Retired as per 2022, as I’m working on something new set to debut at Robot Rebellion 2023.


Cluster I built with Cosmin Gorgovan (Bad Timing Robotics) for Bugglebots S1 and S2. He built Wee, I built Woo. Clusters with magnetic downforce and the drivepower of a full weight beetle = insanity. Retired.

Will update this when progress is made. Watch this space!

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The Inspectors

Born out of an idea originally meant for a third Bugglebots season, this clusterbot consists of two 750g sawbots (affectionally called ‘George’ and ‘Gadget’). Scheduled to debut at this year’s edition of Robot Rebellion. Biggest challenge building these is (naturally) the weight, as a sawbot effectively means you don’t have one, but two moving things for your weapon on a robot.

No idea how it’ll do at the event - it was simply something I set out to do as my son wanted to fight alongside of me. We’re going over for some fun, and hope they’ll give away a good show flying the saw flag into battle!

Will link to the build album in a week or so - still need to finish things up in regards to setups and weight efficiency.

In the mean time, the inspiration for The Inspectors was:

Saw Woo

[Build Album]

Meant for the third season of Bugglebots that never came to be, this was my first foray into making a saw in half of the weight. The lessons learned from this build went right into the build of The Inspectors.


The Inspectors

[Build Album]

Back from Robot Rebellion after what has been a grueling two months. Can you build a sawbot cluster by hand? Yes, yes you can.

Should you?

Not if you value your sanity.


Yay update time!

Head For The Exit (Mk3)

[Build Album]

The third iteration of my 4-bar saw has undergone quite a few changes. I approached this build knowing I had ran out of possibilities with the previous chassis, and reckoned that I could move the weight around more efficiently. A full rebuild was in order.

Changes include:

  • A change in voltage, up to 4S from 3S
  • A bigger fuse, now 60A from 30A (the 2022 Champs still haunt me, lol)
  • Smaller (yet more powerful) servo, allowing me to make the chassis 20mm narrower

Here’s hoping it’ll get to do a bit better at the champs than its first two outings there!


God of plastics as always, that build album is awesome.

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Thanks Joe (though wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a god, heehee). I’ll be updating the album with some of the final tweaks and setups I’ve been working on leading up to the Champs.