Thickness of polycarb for arenas/test boxes

As there’s several arenas about these days I thought it would be good to clarify if there’s a recommended thickness of polycarb for arena walls and/or test boxes? Generally thinking about Beatles here but obviously if there’s a spec for other classes that would be good info too :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of building a small arena in the future for testing and filming for my channel, with potential for a small event someday, so I want to be safe of course ^^

Not sure if the FRA had specs on this at some point?

Hey Jon-Luke!


  • BBB ant arena is 4mm polycarb kicker walls + 4mm walls/roof (roof is two layers of curved 2mm actually!).
  • BBB beetle arena is 4mm hardox kicker walls + 10mm polycarb walls & 6mm roof. (Dave’s walls are two layers of 6mm poly.)
  • As far as I know all the full combat feather arenas are 10mm poly too (BEVs one is 6mm)

Our beetle test box was kindly made by Dave and is 6mm poly with a mild steel kicker that the spinners should be hitting first. It’s a good rule in general is have a kicker for most if not all of the spinner abuse to hit rather than your hopefully nice clear sheets!

Pure test boxes you can definitely get away with thick wood and then a poly lid to look down as polycarbonate has got so much more expensive over the past few years!

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Thanks Joe, just the info I wanted :slight_smile: :+1:

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Out of curiosity how thick do floor panels tend to be? And for steel floors, do they tend to be Hardox or mild steel?

Our beetle arena floor is 4mm hardox, Dave’s is 4mm mild :slight_smile:

Our ant one is 6mm MDF that gets replaced every 3-4 events (with another layer underneath that’s permanent)

Our feather one is 16mm plywood and that’s slowly getting chipped away haha. Can’t speak for full combat feather arenas.


Thanks! Great info :slightly_smiling_face:

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