Weapon of choice: Sportsman/Bevs FW

With the announcement that Extreme Robots are not running feathers anymore, I’ve put plans for a full combat ready W.O.C on hold, or at least on the bottom of my to-do list.

However, after getting absolutely trashed in October, here’s before and after the restoration of the old one, ready for Bevs and possibly other sportsman events.

Currently I’m working on a new chain driven lifter setup which should hopefully lift the required weight, at a reasonable speed.

I’ll keep this post updated as things progress :slightly_smiling_face:



The lifter is now finished and working, although a couple of design changes had to be done to fit the motor into the chassis (mainly, moving the drive gear to the right rather than the centre).

When testing it though, I found it was less a lifter, and more a flipper! Easily managing to toss over Oddball, my other feather.

The next step is to work on improving the axe weapon, and possibly another new weapon type for the future.



That’s awesome you’re getting quite a lot of beans out of a gimpson?!

Do hope to see it at BEVs again, it was great last year with the hammer.

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I’ve always been an advocate for those motors, a pity they are now discontinued but I have spares thankfully :slightly_smiling_face:

As Extreme Robots are now not doing feathers he is a Robots live and Bevs bot now, so definitely will appear again at some point ^^

That flipper is a beast! The eyes look great. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :grin: Looking forward to trying it out ^^

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