Wedgey undercuter for the weekend

I’m not 100% where this idea came from, it maybe just popped into my head formed one day in the shower (After watchign RotatorR nmaybe!), but i’ve had a week off work doing up the house so between bouts of wallpapering and painting, i’ve CAD’d up this little fella, got it printed, wired up and electricaly working.

The insides are a little tight, but it’s probably fine.

The wheels are setting now, and wedges being tested at various angles and mounts. Looks pretty fun, i’ve never driven a horizontal / undercuter yet!

Basic idea is to lead with the TPU wedgelets on the front, then do cool spinny undercuts as and when. Hopefully at SCAR next month


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Cast silicone wheels came out well, and a wonderful shade of pink thanks to acrulic ink. The undercutter itself is pretty miniscule too which may need fixing but not sure if the opportunity will arise before SCAR.

You ain’t going to laugh at the size of my thing, right ?Processing: IMG_2701.JPEG…


I need to upload some photos but this little dude went 3:1 at SACR wit a particularly wonderful brawl with Katrina, a Monsoon bar’d undercutter - falling at the end to a nasty vert in the RO16, makign a dumb decision to invert my contols and run weapon first into said nasty vert instead of controlling the ground game with the massive TPU wedge.

Solid little bot. will upgrade :smiley:

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Here’s video of KragWiel vs Point101.

awesoem dude thank you - nice to meet you at the weekend :slight_smile:

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