Where's the CAD software everyone uses?

People here often go talking about CAD of the non-cardboard kind, but I haven’t seen anything online for any good looking CAD software. I know it’s possible to build a robot without, but it seems like it would be useful. I’m new here, still building my first robot (which I’ve just given a new theming idea internally).

Definitely isn’t a requirement, you can do building with pen and paper design or cardboard prototyping for sure.

Probably the most popular desktop CAD software in the is fusion 360.

Web based onshape does the job, If you want something simpler then tinkercad is a way to get started.

All have lots of good YouTube tutorials to get you started.

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Fusion 360 is what I use but I started with tinkercad but quickly found it wasn’t powerful enough. I took me a bit of time but fusion 360 is the way to go