Whoops! Think I just blew up my esc

I think I just killed my brushless esc :sob:
I decided that to ‘test’ my components (I was bored) I would find myself a 5 AA holder and wire it up to my components to see if I could spin the motors. 5 AA 5 x 1.5 V 7.5 V the same ish as a 2s lipo (a bit under full charge). I plugged my stuff in making very sure to not short or mix up polarity and I worked I binded the receiver and I could control the motors. Well I wanted to hook up my brushless stuff aswell so i did the same then when I turned on the switch. My brushless esc made a pop sound and I really quickly turned everything off. I was really hot and I think I killed it.

What’s the chance it still works?
I don’t want to try again incase I make it worse will wait for my lipo to arrive and will solder it together properly.
Worst case I have to buy a new one

Pretty sure that’s going to be dead mate.

Looks like there was a short or reversed polarity somewhere. Can we see the rest of the wiring?

The wiring was such a bodge job (no solder just poked through wiring tabs) that I took it apart in the panic. I’ve done a recreation (with no batteries) of kindof what it looked like but it probably won’t help

Technically that is fine and should work, so there is nothing wrong with the theory.

However that damage to the brushless esc still suggests there has been a short somewhere. I would recommend if you want to test things without soldering them you invest in some terminal blocks. Wago connectors are a great, quick and reusable way to do bench testing.

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After I think I think that it probably shorted by the wires getting knocked into eachother when I turned on the switch. I’ll just take it on the chin and buy myself a new one

It should not kill it, running on AA cells.

AA primary cells generally have quite high internal resistance; they aren’t rated for more than about 1A, they are intended for light loads. Some are better than others, however.

But it won’t kill it, in a worst case it should just brownout the receiver or esc, not cause the magic smoke to escape. My best guess is a short (perhaps a single strand) somewhere.