Yomi - Build/Design Diary

If you were at Rapture last weekend, you may have seen a black Tombclone that looked like this:

i swear this wasn’t the Wish version of Baby Dead Bod, it was Yomi, my first attempt at a spinner, which to be honest, worked better than i thought it would, sure the belt kept falling off, but the internals kept working, and the few hits the bar did get certainely are encouraging.

So as i came back from Rapture, not too surprisingly, here i am trying to redesign Yomi to make it work better, CAD of new version is far from over, but this is where we’re at so far:

current changelog is as follows:

-much deeper groove in the weapon pulley to prevent belt from falling off on big hits
-shrinked chassis and made the walls thinner to save weight
-shortened support length to save weight and beefed up the support beams so they don’t get snapped again
-changed assembly method from throughbolts to hex inserts (may also replace the throughbolt for the weapon shaft we’ll see)
-better guard to prevent wires from hitting the weapon motor and pulley while also providing an easier way to pass through weapon motor wires
-new asym bar designed for even more engagement while retaining the agressive tooth profile of my standard bar (i have another asym that i made for verts but couldn’t use at Rapture due to weight issues but i’ll make sure i can run it on this new version, because End Boss, Oubley and Shrekt are scary)

current things left to look into:
-research how to setup AM32 ESCs to get faster spinup
-look into a solution for grippier wheels, seriously considering running lego tires on printed hubs, although the self-vulcanising tape that the Mothenator team used on foamies is also quite interesting
-potentially wheelguards?
-link and LED slots
-some form of back spikes/wings/whatever to not get Malice’d
-maybe extend the supports over the pulley so it’s less weak/exposed to top attacks
-potentially swap drive ESCs from V3s to the new dual channel ones for simpler wiring and weight saves

potentially gonna take it to one or both MMM events before next Rapture as a bit of a “test ride” for the improvements so i can show up next year with a robot i know works

hopefully one day we can take this from Baby Dead Bod at home to the French Tombstone


Good to see you at Rapture! Once those belt issues are resolved, I’m sure it’ll be hitting even harder!

For the wheels, have you considered using 2-part polyurethane or similar over 3D printed hubs? A lot of people are doing that nowadays, and getting good grip - Baby Dead Bod does that with TPU hubs I believe.

yeah, it clearly has the power, now i just need to make the belt stay on

i did consider casted wheels and may end up just doing that, lego tires or that self-vulcanising tape just seemed like simple solutions that would also work

Thank fuck you’re getting rid of that esc, it was insanely big :rofl:

Massive dub from you on the weekend boss :tada: robot did really well!

yeah idk how i didn’t look at the size difference between weapon and drive ESC and went “hold up, this ain’t right”

now to actually show up prepared and without belt issues!!!

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:tada: That wiring was the death of me

yeah not gonna inflict that pain on you again…

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More CAD progress, added potential casted wheels and 2 ideas for back attachements depending on how much spare weight i get, still need to go look for a new weapon ESC, but once that’s covered i could probably start throwing everything in a spreadsheet and figure out where we’re at weight-wise

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