Antweight discs for sale! 80/60/30mm

Hi all, I’m proud to present the new Team Croc line of antweight discs now available for sale, built around maximum MOI and bite to get you the biggest bang for your buck!

Picture below, I have 3 varieties:
80mm OD, 28 grams
60mm OD, 16 grams
30mm OD, 4 grams (note: not conclusive, my scales don’t go that low for some reason, will update with accurate numbers)

All are 3mm wide, cut from hardox and the 60 and 80s have the standard 9mm bolt pattern to fit an 1806 or equivalent motor, with a 5mm bore to fit on a prop adaptor if you prefer. the 30mm OD discs have a smaller, 5mm OD pattern to fit Sunnysky 1104s and similar smaller motors. Happy to provide any other dimensions as needed.

Each disc does have a small bias weight wise towards the tooth - this balances out after a couple of hits and serves to allow the tooth to last longer and prevent imbalance after big hits.

These discs are vicious and will significantly boost your spinner’s damaging capabilities - don’t just take my word for it, take Verty Little Secret’s!

Prices are as follows:
80mm - £12
60mm - £10
30mm - £5
(plus postage and packaging)

Please message me either here or on my team facebook page -Team Croc - Combat Robotics and will take it from there if you’re interested!

Thanks all!

Fantastic weapon discs, very destructive, especially for their low weight.