Superior violence - my first spinner

Hello all of you brilliant builders, I would like to introduce to you my design for a shuffling horizontal called Superior Violence. It sports a 92 gram fingertech weapon bar which will be running off the BE1806 found on the Bristol bot builders store. While I have no pictures of the most recent cad design I do have an old design in which I was yet to design the shufflers
(For reference the weapon diameter is ~150mm)
I designed this when I was still rebuilding my other antweight after its terrible performance at ORCS 4 (in which it had no grip and lost all 5 fights) so I still lacked any knowledge of how heavy its all PLA chassis was going to be, leading to a chassis that once sliced, told me was going to be 270g with 3 walls and 10% cubic infill

As for the shuffling mechanism I am using 4 legs on each side which will be printed in TPU for the extra toughness (I no longer trust PLA due to how badly it did against GetGot at the recent BBB event, failing spectacularly across the layer lines, causing my battery to fly out when I drove onto the floor flipper, forcing me to tap out)

In order to gain any grip or speed the ends of the shuffler legs will have silicon rubber strips glued to it and be driven by a pair of 1000rmp N10s

Well that’s all for now, I hope to update soon with cad pictures.

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Looks very nice Phoenix!

One question is the gyro not going to be unreal with a 92g weapon?

Either way looking forward to seeing more

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Hmmmm, I didn’t but really think about gyro because it is a horizontal so as long as I stay flat it shouldn’t gyro too much but thanks for pointing that out to me david

Here is some of the cad, It used to have both wheelgaurds, thicker walls and a back wedge however It weighed far too much. I hope to have the main chassis printed in PLA by tomorrow

due to the Fingertech blade not being designed for the BE1806 I have designed a TPU adaptor.

The massive weapon leads to Gyro hopefully not really mattering as it will simply hit the floor instead of going on its side

Superior violence looks, well, violent. Nice shuffler too, you don’t see many of them outside the US.

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So I printed it and uhhhhhhhh,
It was 45 grams overweight
So guess who will be once again making the walls thinner?
But on another note one consideration I had was to do ANOTHER redesign and instead of having an all 3d printed chassis I could use a PCB as the baseplate which I will purchase off of PCBway and then use carbon fibre from Sendcutsend as the weapon arm. From there I would use varying armour thickness and amounts of shuffler legs depending on what I am fighting to allow me to be fast when fighting wedges and stronger when fighting other spinners.

Other than that I could just try making everything weaker and become a glass cannon.
What do you all think? Do you have any ideas that would allow me to keep the comedically big weapon?

Wrecks style gyro walker? Only said slightly in jest.

For all the effort and workarounds you’re doing, why not have a new weapon cut? Something that doesn’t require an adapter hub and is a shape you define will put it back on track for sure

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Just a heads up, SendCutSend doesn’t currently ship outside of America and Canada.

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Hmmmmm, the weapon weight has been a large dilemma for me as it has many non-desirable qualities due to it being designed for US antweights so that is probably what I will do, combined with the Carbon fibre top frame and PCB base. Do you know any good UK cutting services I could use because the one I found only cut 5+mm Hardox 500:

As for sendcutsend Not shipping to the UK, Thanks for making me aware of that.

Edit: Do you think Grade 5 titanium might be good due to it being lighter while only being a bit weaker??

Most services don’t do hardox 500 in less than 5mm but I will say that hardox 400 is of then used in ants and is more than enough.

Laser/water jet would not be my go to process for CF anyway to be fair. Touch up anyone with a CNC router or start looking at shady Chinese vendors. I think RJX hobby have some pretty aggressive sales ladies who want CF work.

Also worth considering just hand making it. Carbon fibre is a dream to work with with a Dremel, files and sand paper. Printed template and away you go. Just don’t inhale anything, cut outside and be extra cautious about skin contact.

I never really like titanium as an impacting surface as it’s soft but if you can source it cheap then go fog it. I know I’d just be making a skinnier geometry bar from 3mm hardox personally.