3D printed M2 nutstrip

I’ve designed a set of 3D printed M2 nutstrip for the Bristol Uni antweight comp. Its primarily aimed at new builders who have easy access to 3D printers but little or no CAD experience, but I’m sure you ingenious lot can find a way to make use of it.

They haven’t had any combat testing yet, so they might turn out to be completely useless, but I’m optimistic.

The holes are 8mm apart, with the vertical holes offset by 4mm from the horizontal ones.

Nutstrip Google Drive

It might take a bit of tinkering with the print settings (particularly the horizontal expansion) before an M2 bolt will self tap nicely.

A couple of examples from the (rather bodged) bot I built to test them out:
Connecting panels together

A rather dodgy hinge

Hopefully you find them useful! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for posting these, great idea!

I’ve printed a bunch for the robot building workshop we’re running at Nottingham Hackspace on Saturday.


Fantastic! Will you be posting pictures from the workshop? It’d be great to see what people do with them.

We’ll definitely be getting photos, and will hopefully write up and post an event report. :slight_smile: